Circular Pocket Milling

Circular pocket milling is a part of milling. In circular pocket milling, you can cut any kind of circular shape without any hesitation. Writing formate :- G77  P01____P02____P03____P04____P05____P06____. Where, P01 :- Setup clearance. P02 :- Total depth. P03 :- Pecking depth. P04 :- Feed rate in Z-axis. P05 :- Radius of circle. P06 :- Feed …

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Slot Milling Program

Slot milling is a part of milling. And with the help of this slot milling, we can cut any shape like, T shape L shape I shape etc. Writing format :- G74  P01_____P02_____P03_____P04_____P05_____P06_____P07_____. Where, P01 :- Setup Clearance. P02 :- Total Depth. P03 :- Pecking Depth. P04 :- Feed Rate in Z-axis. P05 :- 1st …

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cnc milling program

CNC Milling Program

In this post, i will tell you the example program of CNC milling which will help you in writing the programming of CNC milling and it will also help in understanding the CNC milling program. Milling Example Program PROGRAM   DETAILS %101 G71 ⇒ Dimensions specified in MM N05 G90 G17 ⇒ {G90 – Absolute …

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