Circular Pocket Milling

Circular pocket milling is a part of milling. In circular pocket milling, you can cut any kind of circular shape without any hesitation.

Writing formate :-

G77  P01____P02____P03____P04____P05____P06____.


P01 :- Setup clearance.

P02 :- Total depth.

P03 :- Pecking depth.

P04 :- Feed rate in Z-axis.

P05 :- Radius of circle.

P06 :- Feed rate for cutting.

Simple Program

%1009 G71

N05 G17 G40 G90

N10 G30 X-45 Y-45 Z-15

N20 G31 X45 Y45 Z0

N30 G99 T1 L0 R3

N40 M06 T1

N50 M03 S1500

N60 G00 X0 Y0 Z10

N61 G00 Z3

N70 G77 P01 -3 P02 -5 P03 -1 P04 50 P05 40 P06 100

N80 G01 Z3 M99

N90 G00 G40 Z50

N100 M30


G77 :- Clock wise (CW) direction.
G78 :- Counter clock wise (CCW) direction.

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