cnc milling program

CNC Milling Program

In this post, i will tell you the example program of CNC milling which will help you in writing the programming of CNC milling and it will also help in understanding the CNC milling program.

Milling Example Program




%101 G71

Dimensions specified in MM
N05 G90 G17

{G90 – Absolute dimensions, G17 – Plane selection X Y and tool axis Z}
N10 G30 X0 Y0 Z-10

Lower Left Lorner (LLC) Define
N20 G31 X100 Y100 Z0

Upper Right Corner (URC) Define
N30 G99 T1 L0 R5

Tool define {T1 – tool number, L0 – offset number, R5 – tool radius}
N40 M06 T1

Tool change
N50 M03 S2000

Spindle on clockwise
N60 G00 X-15 Y50 Z50

Home position
N70 G01 Z-1 F50

{ Z-1 Depth of cut, F50 – Feed}
N80 G01 X5 Y50 F100

Program running
N90 G01 X5 Y95

Program running
N100 G01 X95 Y95

Program running
N110 G01 X95 Y5

Program running
N120 G01 X5 Y5

Program running
N130 G01 X5 Y50

Program running
N140 G01 X5 Y45

Program running
N150 G01 X-15 Y50

Tool out from the workpiece
N160 G00 Z50

Tool go to home position
N170 M05

Spindle STOP
N180 M30

Program END


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