Convert Line into polyline in AutoCAD

Polyline is a joined sequence of line segments created as a single object.
Using line command you can create a series of contiguous line segments. To draw lines Type ‘L’ Enter and specify points. Or from the draw menu, choose a line.

  1. Specify the start point. (you can use the pointing device or enter a coordinate on the command line.)
  2. Complete the first line segment by specifying the endpoint of the line. (to undo the previous line segment during the line command, enter ‘U’ or choose to Undo on the toolbar.)
  3. Specify the endpoints of any additional line segments.
  4. Press Enter to end or ‘C’ to close.

In AutoCAD, you get two options to convert from a line into a polyline. These two commands are almost the same, you can use either of these to convert from line to polyline.

  • using region
  • using join


With the help of the region command, you can convert any multiple line segment into a single line (close figure).
To use this region command, you enter ‘REG’ in the AutoCAD command line. As soon as you press the enter button in the keyboard, after that you select the object and this line will be converted into a polyline.


line to polyline


With the help of this joint command, you can convert any type of unclosed figure into a completely closed figure. To use this command, first, select the figure and then enter ‘J’ on the keyboard.


line to polyline


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