How to Change Units in AutoCAD

In this post, I will tell you how you can change the units in AutoCAD. If you do design and drafting in AutoCAD and you do not know how to change the unit then you may have a lot of trouble. Because everyone uses AutoCAD, even if it is mechanical, electrical, civil, architecture, all engineers use AutoCAD. So that’s why the role of the unit in it is very important. Because no design drafting can be done without unit, the unit has to be set first. After that you can start either designing or drafting.

Types Of Units In AutoCAD

  1. Unitless
  2. Inches
  3. Feet
  4. US Survey Feet
  5. Miles
  6. Millimeters
  7. Centimeters
  8. Meters
  9. Kilometers
  10. Microinches
  11. Mils
  12. Yards
  13. Angstroms
  14. Nanometers
  15. Microns
  16. Decimeters
  17. Dekameters
  18. Hectometers
  19. Gigameters
  20. Astronomical
  21. Light Years
  22. Parsecs

How to Change Units in AutoCAD?
For that type AutoCAD command un enter to set the units in AutoCAD.

autocad units


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