Milling DATUM SHIFT (G54) Program

datum shift g54

%1012 G71

N1 G17 G40 G90

N2 G30 X-50 Y-50 Z-10

N3 G31 X50 Y50 Z0

N4 G99 T1 L0 R3

N5 M06 T1

N6 M03 S2000

N7 G00 X0 Y0 Z5

N8 G98 L1

N9 G00 X10 Y10 Z5

N10 G01 Z-1 F60

N11 X30

N12 X20 Y30

N13 X10 Y10

N14 G00 Z5

N15 X0 Y0

N16 G98 L0

N17 G54 X-50 Y0

N18 L1

N19 G54 X-50 Y-50

N20 L1

N21 G54 X0 Y-50

N22 L1

N23 G00 Z50

N24 M30


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