Milling P.C.D Drilling Program

milling pcd

%1006 G71

N05 G90 G40 G17

N10 G30 X-45 Y-45 Z-15

N20 G31 X45 Y45 Z0

N30 G99 T1 L0 R4

N40 M06 T1

N50 M03 S1500

N60 G00 X20 Y0 Z10

N70 G01 Z3 F100

N80 G83 P01 -3 P02 -5 P03 -1 P04 0.1 P05 100

N90 G10 I0 J0 R20

N100 G01 Z3 M99

N110 G98 L1

N120 G10 G91 H45 M99

N130 L1.6

N135 G98 L0

N140 G00 G40 Z50

N150 M30

G10 :- Polar rapid travel.
I :- Specifying center point of circle X axis from origin
J :- Specifying center point of circle in Y axis from origin


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