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What is milling ?

Milling is the machining process of using rotary cutter removes unwanted material from tha Workpiece by advanching in a direction at an angle with the axis of the tool.
It is one of the most commonly used processes in industry and machine shope today for maching shope today for machining parts to precise size.


what is milling Compare and contrast Fanuc & Heidenhain ISO



Program logic and structure for the both the systems are same only the writing format is different.Program logic and structure for the both the systems are same only the writing format is different.
Both uses G&M codes for writing the programs.Both uses G&M codes for writing the programs.
Standard slot milling pocket milling cycles are not available.These are available as an standard G-Codes Cycles.
Standard functions for mirroring, corner rounding, corner chamfering etc are not available.Standard functions for mirroring etc are available.
Program number starts with the letter “O”


Requires block termination or end block “;”


♦ Working unit (mm/Inch), plane (xy,yz,zx) and dimensioning method (Absolute / Incremental) selection.

  • Define Block Size (LLC & URC).
  • Define tool :- Requires tool number, tool length, tool Radius.
  • Move the machine to tool change position.
  • Call tool.
  • Rotate the tool.
  • Approach the workpiece.
  • Machine the workpiece as per contour.
  • Depart from the workpiece.

What is Milling Basic Program Structure

  • Working unit

MM : G71
Inch : G70

  • Working plane

XY : G17
ZX : G18
YZ : G19

  • Dimensioning method

Absolute : G90
Incremental : G91


♦ Define Block Size

  • Lower Left Corner : G30 X_____, Y_____, Z_____.
  • Upper Right Corner : G31 X_____, Y_____, Z_____.



♦ Define Tool

Requires tool number, tool length, tool radius.
Eg :
G99 T01L0R5 (Call The Tool)
Eg :
M06 T1
Rotate the tool in clock wise direction spindle speed (RPM) M03 S2000.

♦ How to calculate the RPM

If the cutter material is HSS & Job material mid steel, than the cutting speed is 22-25 meter per minute.
Formula of cutting speed CS(V) = πdn/1000
where as,
cs(v) = cutting speed meter per minute.
π = 22/7 (3.14).

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